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Everyone Grew Up Somewhere
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Born and raised in Dayton, Kentucky, Michael Autry is a Cincinnati-area author. His debut work, a memoir entitled Left Behind!, is notable for the vivid, intelligent and sensitive way it approaches the problems that plague society in rust-belt states.


As a child, Michael himself suffered from undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), endured a series of head injuries, and was required to repeat grades at his local public school. Consequently, he thought of himself as the boy who would always be left behind - a notion that would eventually inspire the title of his memoir


After dropping out of school at age 16, Michael joined the US military. He was stationed in France and the United Kingdom, where he completed his service and subsequently worked in retail store management. Upon returning to the States, Mike served as a police officer in Northern Kentucky before transitioning to a career as a skilled factory worker at General Electric Aircraft Engines in Evendale, Ohio.


Outside of his professional career, Michael enjoys his roles as a husband, father, and grandfather.


Left Behind! is the true story of a young boy who, through dogged determination, matured native intelligence, and little bit of good fortune, overcomes the circumstances of his childhood in a struggling, rust-belt town. If you’ve ever felt inclined to cheer for an underdog, Left Behind! is the book for you.


In Left Behind!, author Michael Autry recalls his early struggles with undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and a series of head injuries. The resultant struggles from these issues led him to be held back at his local public school, only to drop out at age 16, having completed the eighth grade.


Consequently, Autry began to think of himself as the boy who would always be left behind. Upon coming of age, Autry determined he did not want a life defined by failure, and decided to sign up for military service. Autry then carries his readers through his experiences in the US military, European retail management, police service, and a General Electric Aircraft Engines factory. It's a story filled with bizarre and unique experiences that make up a life dedicated to success despite the odds.


Left Behind! is Autry's first book. He writes intelligently and sensitively about the problems that plague society in rust-belt states, including conflicts arising from class, race, and gender. His vivid style will engage readers eager to learn more about the struggles of small-town residents who feel they are being left behind in the fast-moving modern world of big business and big government

Autry wishes to thank his editor, Michael Terreri, whose credits include the Novelization of Witchella, a screenplay, and other published efforts, for his talent and friendship.

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